Yogis 1, Orthopods 0

Last fall I cancelled rotator cuff surgery at the last minute when I heard a People’s Pharmacy guest tell Joe and Terry Graedon about a yoga therapy alternative. (More on that here.)

Jill Burnett @ Soulflow Yoga in SpartanburgNow for an update: It works. Pain is gone – entirely. And function improves: I can put my wallet in my right hip pocket, pull down the lift gate on my SUV, and dry my back with a towel using both arms. (Rotator cuff people are nodding wistfully at these points…)

Instead of expensive, risky surgery with an uncertain outcome, I went to a pleasant yoga studio to learn poses that train muscles to take up the duty normally done by the rotator cuff. It’s not a cure, but it’s a great workaround.

And more importantly, I shopped around for an instructor and found gold. Jill Burnett knows yoga, and she did her homework on the rotator cuff thing. The first session produced remarkable improvement, and since then the result is a tremendously successful treatment that kept me out of surgery.

All those great things you hear about yoga? True. Especially when your yogi is a smart, conscientious, and extra nice person.

Thanks Jill – namaste.