The Southern Stroke Diet

Bean SaladIt seems that science keeps producing inconvenient evidence that strongly suggests the typical American diet is killing us.

And according to this NPR blog post, the typical American diet Southern-style is even worse.

I’ve done a great deal of reading, listening, and watching on the subject of health and nutrition, and to the best of my knowledge, many reliable sources would agree on these basic points:

  • The diet most of us grew up on got us addicted to salt, sugar and fat.
  • Most mass-produced processed foods are, to put it bluntly, succulent crap that fuels our addiction to salt, sugar and fat.
  • Eating cows, pigs, and birds is, all things considered, bad for you, the animals, and the planet.
  • Restaurants are like the opposite of fitness centers – they’re more like fatness centers. And if you think getting oatmeal at McDonald’s is a good choice, read this horror story about how the food industry turns good, wholesome oatmeal into something truly terrible.

Here’s the scientific solution to being healthy, happy, and aging better: Eat mostly fresh greens, fruits, beans, and grains. Make water your drink of choice. Walk a lot. Get a good night’s sleep every night. And smile – there’s clinical evidence that the physical act of smiling enhances your mood.