Online in Utero?

Talking Back to FacebookA thoughtful expert has written a compelling book that parents may want to add to their summer-reading list.

Kirkus Reviews describes ‘Talking Back to Facebook’ by James P. Steyer as ‘… a useful, nuts-and-bolts handbook for concerned parents.’

In an age when some parents start a child’s online identity by posting their ultrasound images on social networks, it may be a good idea to carefully consider the long-term consequences.

In this NPR interview, Steyer explores some of the effects of digital media on kids and outlines strategies for making sure kids don’t fall into what he calls RAP — relationship issues, attention/addiction problems and privacy pitfalls — while navigating the digital world.

As in most everything else, it starts with being a smart, positive ‘digital role model’ which means, among other things, not going home and planting your face in a computer screen.