GoogleApps: How to Login and Setup Your Account

GoogleApps will appear as a ‘globe’ icon in your Novell Application Launcher. Here is how to login and get started:

1. Double-click the GoogleApps icon to bring up GoogleApps in a browser window.

2. Click the ‘login’ link in the upper right corner of the page.

3. If this is your first time logging onto GoogleApps, use the following:
Username = <your district network username>
Password = <provided by Tony Thompson>

4. Complete the setup account page. Create a new password (one you will remember!), complete the text recognition challenge, and click ‘I accept’

That should take you to the district GoogleApps home page where you can access Google Docs, GMail, the Google Calendar, and Google Talk.

GLITCH ALERT: To open Google Docs, don’t click the ‘Sign in to your GoogleDocs account’ link – click the ‘Google Docs’ link above it instead.