WordPress + Dropbox = Geek Tears

Every now and then a WordPress plugin comes along that makes a geek get weepy with nerdjoy. The ‘WordPress to Dropbox Backup‘ plugin pushed my button this morning.

If you think WordPress is just totally bitchin’ and you can’t imagine file management without Dropbox, then get out the hanky because this one is a tear-jerker.

The plugin backs up your WordPress folder directly to your Dropbox account. And it nails all the essential qualities you look for in a WP plugin:

  1. It fulfills an important, practical need (that many of us neglect at our peril)
  2. It works
  3. It’s remarkably quick and simple to implement
  4. It’s free
  5. It’s been recently updated and is current to the latest WP build
  6. It’s been downloaded more than 40k times, rated 41 times, and has 4-stars