Wikis: Now I Get It…

Mediawiki Logo

I knew I liked Wikipedia, but until recently I did not fully understand that the software platform on which Wikipedia is built – MediaWiki – is a terrific collaboration tool that we should be using for the business of education.

MediaWiki is free, open source software, which means that any organization can use it to launch a Wiki project for this price: $0.00

MediaWiki also is free and open in the sense that anyone can use it with practically no technical barriers to get in the way.

District 7 now has a Wiki. It is called 7Wiki, and it can be seen here. You are welcome to create an account and begin using it.

To see a mature K-12 wiki project, click here for the Bering Straits School District Wiki (yes, that Bering Straits!)

For a brief introduction to the concept of Wiki, click the YouTube video here: