Web Filtering @ Home…

The best advice I have heard over the years about monitoring your children’s web browsing at home goes something like this: Teach your children well, and then trust them.

But if there had been an internet in 1976, that policy would not have worked too well for my folks…

For parents who want to ‘trust, but verify’ there are many software solutions to consider. Below is an excerpt from a recent article that reviews the choices and seems to come down in favor of ‘CyberPatrol’.

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Best parental-control software….

Reviews say Safe Eyes, CyberPatrol and CYBERsitter all do a good job blocking questionable websites and monitoring kids’ time online, but each program has different advantages.

CyberPatrol’s big advantage is versatility. It gives parents more options than any competing products. Customization can apply to any or all users. In contrast with CYBERsitter, CyberPatrol is not over-zealous. All parental-control software lets users restrict kids’ access to Internet applications like chat, file-sharing or web browsing, but Windows-only CyberPatrol can also restrict access to programs on the computer’s hard drive, such as games or finance software. The catch is that CyberPatrol requires an annual subscription, and it can only be installed on one computer. Safe Eyes allows up to three installs.