Web Conquered

So you come across an article on the web that you would like to save for another day.

But if you save it as a favorite or a bookmark you’ll soon have so many favorites and bookmarks that the words will lose their meaning.

There are a lot of services for clipping and archiving web pages, but none I’ve tried have made the grade. They are either too futzy or too much work or too much or too little of something that makes me not use them for long.

I may have recently happened upon the ultimate secret weapon that makes saving web stuff easy as eating pie. It is fast, simple, and downright brilliant.

CleanSave is a Chrome extension that makes just about anything I see on the web convertible to a Google Drive doc in a few clicks. And since Google Drive and everything I keep there is incredibly accessible on any device, that means anything I see on the web is too.

This is a blockbuster.

So if you know Chrome, and if you do Drive, try CleanSave.

Here’s a crummy screencast I did to demo the extension. (Probably not viewable in a K12 school network.)