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Wonder How To

Nowadays the internet is a goldmine for the visual learner. Web tutorials exist for practically everything. If you want to learn just about any skill or process, there likely is a video on the web that will help you learn it.

Finding those videos is made easier at WonderHowTo.com, which combs the most popular video web sites (including YouTube) and categorizes web video tutorials. For example, I clicked Categories > Sports > Cycling and found over 100 videos on how to do everything from truing a wheel to replacing a sealed bottom bracket. (Great stuff for the bumbling DIY bike mechanic.)

You also can search by keyword, sort the results, and browse lists of the most popular and newest videos.

Downside: Everything is surrounded by adverts.

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For a related web site, see ehow.com for many great text/photo tutorials as well as a growing library of video tutorials.