Train MS Word to Save Documents to the Network

MS Word wants you to save your files to the ‘My Documents’ folder. We want you to save your files to your network folder (your H: drive).

Trust us: Save the files to your network folder – it is safer and smarter. If your computer hard drive crashes, files saved to the H: drive (on the server) are unaffected, whereas files saved to ‘My Documents’ (on the computer’s C: drive) are lost.

When you save a file, MS Word will direct you to the ‘My Documents’ folder by default, but you can easily change that setting and make saving files to your H: drive much easier. Here’s how:

Open Microsoft Word, then click Tools > Options > File Locations > Documents > Modify > Choose your H: drive from the drop-down list > Ok

Now your default save to location is your network folder – a much safer and more secure place for your files, and also a place where you can access your files from home via NetStorage.