This Student Believes: Guidelines for Speakers

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Important Note: Except for graduating SHS seniors, participants in this program must have a parental permission form and be accompanied by a parent to the District Office the day of filming.

‘This Student Believes’ is about your answers to these questions: What do you believe makes a student successful? What study skills worked best for you? What helped you through some of the tough times a student experiences? Overall, what attitude and approach toward school would you recommend to younger kids?

Please prepare to answer these questions in a narrative of 4-7 minutes for publication as a web video. You will speak directly to me as a digital camera films you over my shoulder.

I will prompt you with an opening question, and I may ask questions at other appropriate times, but I will be edited out of the final product. When we publish the video, it will just be you talking about your educational philosophy and beliefs.

You do not need to stick to a script – the questions above are guidelines, not strict conditions. Feel free to discuss and share your beliefs and values as you think best. (I do have one request: Please begin your narrative with ‘I believe…’)

Know what you intend to say, but don’t read a speech. Assume you are speaking extemporaneously to a group of friends.

This is not a job interview, so when you get in front of the camera, relax! Dress comfortably, be yourself, and feel free to bring family and friends that will put you at ease! (And if you bring a couple of family or friends it will help us create an audience for you to address.)

We will shoot by appointment at the District Office. Our first location choice will be outside on Dr. White’s patio, but if weather or his business prevents it, we will record inside in the Board Room. (A light colored shirt will film best; please avoid very dark colors.)

As of this writing I am still not sure how much of you will be on camera, but most likely it will be anywhere from the waist up.

Thanks again for agreeing to do this! I think we are collaborating on a good thing, and I look forward to working with you.