The Most Important Software on Your Computer

Your web browser probably is the most-used application on your computer. And your web browser probably is some version of Internet Explorer (IE) that came pre-installed on your computer as the default browser.

I’d guess 85% of the general public use Internet Explorer. And I’d guess 95%  of the geek and nerd community use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari. Anything but IE.

Us geeks and nerds got pushed/pulled to the alternative browsers (especially Firefox and Chrome). The pull happened because Firefox and Chrome are lean, fast, clever, and secure web browsers. The push happened because IE  is fat, slow, dumb, and unsecure.

At least until now. Firefox and Chrome remain, imho, the better browers. I have used Firefox for years, and I am migrating to Chrome. The web simply looks and works better on those browsers.

But the latest version of Internet Explorer (v. 9) is getting positive and even downright rave reviews. (Note: I think you need Windows 7 to download/install IE 9).

Here’s a good summary review of browser options at PC

Download and install Firefox.

Download and install Chrome.