The Math of Khan

The Math Moses

I’m probably the 100,000th Star Trek nerd to use that ‘Math of Khan’ play on words. could not resist, either, and even added ‘Messiah of Math’ ¬†and the ‘Math Moses’ in this piece on Salman Khan.

Khan’s story is remarkable – read the Businessweek article for the head-shaking details. But for now, just know that teachers and students around the world – especially you math & science types – are consuming Khan Academy content at a viral pace. (There are about 2600 videos that have been seen 123 million times.)

Khan could be a free tutor of the highest quality to every one of your students. On demand. 24/7.

Or, think co-teacher of your dreams.

Khan publishes short videos that teach math, science, and other subjects in small chunks. It’s all so simple it’s brilliant. Pick a topic – say, adding negative numbers. Watch the tutorial. Then click ‘practice this concept’ to work exercises that are corrected as you go. Then advance to the next tutorial.

Students can create accounts to keep a record of their learning and earn badges. The system will automatically suggest activities, record vital stats, create goals, and award ‘energy’ points.

Teachers can setup accounts as ‘coaches’ for their students. The data reporting is amazing.

Best part of all РKhan has a huge heart and a generous soul. He could have long ago cashed in and sold out for millions. He chose instead to keep the Khan Academy true to its mission:  providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.