The FOK Diet

Imagine that you go to the doctor and fail the blood test. You have high cholesterol. And several other risk factors for heart disease or stroke.

If you are an adult American, that scenario is easy to imagine. An American dies of heart disease every minute – it’s our #1 cause of death.

Now here’s a harder-to-imagine scenario: The doctor begins your treatment by taking you to the local Whole Foods Market. No prescription necessary.

So that’s the message in the documentary film Forks Over Knives. Spinach instead of pills. Treat hypertension, high¬†cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes with a plant-based, whole foods diet and an exercise regimen.¬†Better still, prevent those conditions by eliminating meat, dairy, and processed starches and sugars from your diet.

That’s a radical concept for most Americans, but not as radical as our mortality rates from heart disease and cancer compared to parts of the world that subsist on plant-based nutrition (where heart disease is virtually unknown).

In other words, consider the possibility that Mother Nature makes better medicine than GlaxoSmithKline.