The Edmodo Photo

Carver Students @ Edmodo

So at Carver Middle School we have been getting teachers and students into Edmodo.

Teachers are creating classes, and students are enrolling. Current figures: 31 teachers and 451 students are signed up.

There’s lots to like about Edmodo. It delivers working tools that teachers and students can effectively use right out of the box with virtually no training.

This week while passing through the Carver LMC I saw two students that had registered on Edmodo just the day before. They were logged in and busy writing.

Two notable observations:

  1. The students were busy writing. Students do a lot of writing in Edmodo.
  2. I was not concerned about what the students were writing or who they were corresponding with because Edmodo is at once totally public and airtight private. Everything students write is seen by everyone in their Edmodo class. The only private correspondence possible is between a student and his or her teacher. No one gets in without an invitation, and no communication goes outside the virtual walls of the Edmodo class.
At this very early stage of our Edmodo experience at Carver it is fair to say that teachers and students alike are finding it fun and useful.