TestView: Version 6 Release Notes

Our TestView server has been upgraded to  Version 6.0 today. Here are some of the new features you will notice:

Redesigned Classroom Tab

The Classroom tab has been redesigned to present a customized view for teachers, school administrators and district staff and give them easier access to the information they need:

The Reports area has been streamlined. Only “favorite” reports and recently received reports (due to sharing) are shown on the Classroom page. Users can select which reports to include in their favorites.

The most important information is emphasized (moved to the left side of the page) based on the user type: teacher, school administrator, district administrator.

The teacher layout emphasizes the teacher’s classes student groups. The teacher can also view prior year courses.

The school administrator layout has an area for the users school with links to the following:

  • Courses – all courses in the school grouped by subject, content area and grade. User can drill down to one course for test score reporting, or report on multiple selected courses.
  • Academic Plans – all current academic plans for the school grouped by grade level. The school administrator can drill down to individual academic plans.
  • Teachers – If the teacher module is installed, the school administrator can view a list of all teachers in the school and drill down to their courses, qualifications and evaluation outcomes.

The district administrator layout displays a list of all schools in the district. This allows the user to view all courses or academic plans and teachers (if available) for a selected school.

Class Achievement Profile Report

The Class Achievement Profile (CAP) Report is designed to show each student’s growth in PACT and MAP scores over the course of a roster year. It is available via the Test Scores link as a pre-defined report option (along with Performance Groups reports), for core subject courses (ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science).

→ For more details about TestView 6.0, see this document on the TestView web site.