Technical Learnings

Vampire Cat

Learned a lot this weekend.

Rediscovered Pixlr – a phenomenal image editor. Watched all 30 of Ola’s screencasted tutorials. (I’m now on a first name basis with the Swede that created the site single-handed.) The thing I like about Ola is he keeps his tutorials in my attention span range: 3 minutes or less.

Learned a lot about Google Page Speed and Pingdom and how they can help one get that landing page load time down and speed score up.

Learned a good deal more about what surely is the awesomest WordPress theme: Suffusion. (Sayontan Sinha, you are my hero.) Suffusion has made me forget the name of that premium theme I bought a few years back that at the time I thought was the most amazing theme in existence. (Now I remember: Thesis.)

Got the hang of making W3TC and Suffusion co-exist.

Tried and failed to get the hang of making MAXCDN work with W3TC – will try that another day. Maybe over the next 3-day weekend.

And finally, tonight, instead of doing homework, I rediscovered Reddit . The ‘front page of the internet’ is fun to browse. Reddit is can’t miss content – the best and most recommended content by millions of users. Like photos of vampire cats.