Teaching Your Keyboard to Speak Spanish…

Here is how to make your Windows XP keyboard ‘speak’ another language when you type:1. From the START menu select the Control Panel

2. Click on Date, Time, Language and Regional Options

3. Click on either Add Other Languages or Regional and Language Options (they take you to the same place)

4. Select the Language tab

5. Click on the Details button

6. Select the Services tab

7. Click the ADD button

8. In the first box select ES Spanish (traditional sort) or any other flavor of the language you prefer

9. In the second box elect Spanish keyboard

10. Click OK twice to close the screens

After you restart your computer you should see the letters “EN” (for English) or “ES” (for Español) on the task bar at the bottom right of your screen (just to the left of the icons on your task bar).

To switch keyboard languages, you merely click on the “EN” or “ES” letters and select the language you wish to use. You may do this in the middle of a document and as many times as you wish.

We recommend that you run your favorite word processing program, select a large font and the “ES” keyboard and systematically type every character in every row on your keyboard. This will serve as a useful cross-reference when you are typing. Note that the ñ appears when you type the semicolon “;” and that accented vowels are typed by first typing the accent (the single quote ““) followed by the appropriate letter.