Teacher Technology Proficiency: Who Must Do It and When…

According to the State Department web site as of October 2007, the following district faculty and staff are required to demonstrate technology proficiency (the 2-digit identifiers are PCS codes):

03 Special Education (Itinerant)
04 Child Development Preschool K-4
05 Kindergarten
06 Special Education (Self-Contained)
07 Special Education (Resource)
08 Classroom Teacher
10 Librarian/Media Specialist
44 Teacher Specialist
46 Purchased Service (full time)
97 Instructional Coach
98 Adult Education Teacher

  • Teacher Technology Proficiency (TTP) is a 5-year ‘certification’ that as of October 2007 is NOT a part of the SC Teacher Certification program and therefore is not directly linked to your professional certification cycle.
  • However, you can check your TTP status where you check your certificate status (here). After you get past the text verification page and enter your personal information, you will see your certification record. Look in the lower right for a box indicating the date you were certified ‘technology proficient’ by your school district. Your TTP certification is good for 5-years from the date shown.
  • Faculty and staff with a 5-year Professional certificate whose position codes are listed above are required to have their TTP certification.
  • Faculty and staff with a 1-year or 3-year Interim certificate are exempt from the TTP requirement until they obtain a 5-year Professional certification.