Smile Science

[stextbox id=”grey”]This morning on hall duty we got to talking about smiling (you had to be there).[/stextbox]

Shippy SmileThere’s a substantial pile of research about the smile, and most of that research supports the idea that smiling is good for you. (Here’s a good article about smile research.)

So go on – do it. Smile.

And here’s why I’m smiling now: right after our hall duty smile talk, a post popped up on my Google + stream about a cool math/science web site called … ScreenshotMore to smile about: it looks exceptional. It probably will make the exclusive ‘Super Sites‘ list.

Here’s how the site describes itself:

… an online collection of thousands of high quality, hands-on interactive science and math activities┬ádeveloped by trusted educators dedicated to making learning exciting and engaging for everyone.

So science and math teachers, check it out. It might bring a smile to your face.

And if doesn’t make you smile, then try this: SUMMER BREAK!