Sirius on the Galaxy in the Shower

Terrestrial radio is dead to me now thanks to two technologies: SiriusXM and the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

Satellite did for radio what cable did for television. If you enjoy radio, you will absolutely LOVE it on SiriusXM. I thought I knew a good bit about the music of the 50s and 60s until I subscribed to Sirius and put the 50s and 60s channels on the presets. Amazing. It’s been a music education, and commercial free.

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is a marvel. You can watch and listen to all kinds of stuff. Full length feature films in HD. YouTube. Khan Academy tutorials. NPR and BBC programs on-demand (thanks to WFAE’s very cool app). Language lessons on Busuu. A library of MP3s. And SiriusXM – there is now an app for that, too.

So when my old FM shower radio died recently I looked about for a smarter replacement and found a solution I didn’t know existed: the Grace Eco Extreme Speaker Case.

You put your smartphone in the case, plug the speaker cord into the phone audio jack, and your smartphone is now the world’s best shower radio. And think beach or lake – it floats.

Currently $37.68 on Amazon.