Roku Rocks

Size of a Hockey Puck!

I am taking a cold-turkey cure for the monthly pain of paying an obese cable bill for dozens of channels I never watch.

I upgraded my broadband internet service, CANCELLED the cable TV, and bought a Roku box. Result thus far is pretty sweet: Roku delivers lots of programming – plenty in HD – and the service is fast and efficient.

And between Amazon Prime (I’m a member), Hulu, and other channels that are instantly available on the Roku device, there is plenty to watch. A Netflix subscriber has all that to choose from too – instantly.

The setup is amazingly simple: plug the Roku device into your TV, and follow the on-screen prompts to connect to your wireless router. If you have a good broadband connection, the service runs smoothly. And the UI is slick.

So if disappearing that monthly cable TV bill sounds good to you, check out Roku. For a one time cost that probably is less than what you pay Charter every month, it can give you tons of free programming for years to come.

Here’s a good video breakdown of the Roku setup experience that includes a comparison with a similar Apple product: