Pronunciation Arbitration for Linguaphiles

Linguaphiles have created a remarkable web site that harnesses global crowd power.

Forvo: All the words in the world. Pronounced.Forvo’s tagline says it succinctly: ‘All the words in the world. Pronounced.’

I came across Forvo while trying to settle a pronunciation debate with friends. At Forvo you can hear a Bostonian pronounce Faneuil, an Italian pronounce Medici, a guy from Worcestershire (England) pronounce Worcestershire, a woman from Paris pronounce Champs Elysèes, and a girl from Florida pronounce Ya’ll.

Registered users can add words. My friends, family, and colleagues from the North County (San Diego), Prairie du Chien (Wisconsin), South Philly, and Union (South Carolina) could make priceless contributions. (I wish Sabara Quinn would register at Forvo and record the whole dictionary in Alabamian.)

Faneuil… MediciW’shire… Champs… Ya’ll