Prey Project

Say you temporarily stow your smartphone in your laptop case.

Later, you get a sick feeling in your gut that rises up to your throat because you’ve had a CRS cramp and you now have NO IDEA what you did with the laptop case. It’s missing. Gone.

As you look everywhere for that case you are thinking of all the personal information on those two devices as you repeatedly kick and dope-slap yourself for not taking a few minutes to install and configure Prey.

Prey is a free, open source application that can turn a lost laptop and smartphone nightmare into a manageable issue with a happy ending.

Prey is feature rich: You can install on three devices, and if one is lost, you can send it a signal to make a loud noise, lock itself down, track its location, delete all passwords and browsing history, and turn on a webcam to grab photos of anyone using it. Comparable to LoJack – but free.