OpenDNS: Turbocharge Your Home Broadband Internet Connection

Came across this tip in the Sunday New York Times and have tried it on my home PC. It’s almost too good to be true. And it’s FREE.

Early, short term test results: My Charter cable internet connection is noticeably faster. Impressively so.

Downloading of files will not be faster (and I don’t believe that is to be expected), but web browsing sure is accelerated. Pages pop up much quicker.

There is no cost or fee, and no software or hardware required. The concept makes perfect sense to me technically: everytime your computer communicates with any device on the internet, it first must do a DNS lookup. Accelerate the DNS lookup and you accelerate the connection. Apparently, these folks have found a way to do that.

There is one technical chore: you must tell your router to get its DNS information from their servers. Sounds scary, but it’s a snap, and it’s a low-risk venture: if it doesn’t work, no harm done, and restoring your original setting will be easy.

Their web site provides simple, step-by-step instructions for configuring just about any router we get at Wal-Mart or BestBuy for our home broadband connections, so just about anyone reading this could DIY it…

If you’re interested in trying the service, go here for details: OpenDNS web site.

Semi-Legal Disclaimer: I can’t vouch for this service personally, so proceed at your own risk. Seems legit to me, and I’m doing it, but all I know about the company and the service is what I’ve read in the NYT and several other trustworthy sources.