OpenDNS: A Better Internet Connection with Free Filter

OpenDNS LogoDNS (Domain Name System) is how the internet works. When you point your browser to a web site, a DNS server has to tell your browser how to get there.

We don’t think about DNS because we don’t have to – all internet service providers (ISPs) provide DNS service behind the scenes.

But here are two reasons to think about using a free DNS service called OpenDNS for your home internet connection:

  1. According to numerous trustworthy, blue-chip sources, OpenDNS is a smart thing to do. I’ve been using it at home for almost 2-years and can testify that all the hype and buzz about OpenDNS is on the mark – web sites come up more quickly and reliably.
  2. If you have kids at home, OpenDNS now comes with a free internet filter and security solution. No software to download or install – just create an account, select your categories, and within minutes all the computers in your house will be filtered.

Bottom line: Even if you don’t need the filter, the improved DNS service is worth the few minutes it takes to move to OpenDNS. And have no technical anxiety; their web site has excellent, user-friendly instructions that will walk you through the process.