MS Word 2007: Changing the Default Style

By design, a document created in Word 2007 will have a lot more white space, a default font named Calibri, and other changes that enhance ‘readability’ (according to Microsoft).

But if you want your Word 2007 documents to have the same default look as Office 2003, here’s how to rig that:

  1. Click the ‘Home’ tab
  2. Click the large ‘Change Styles’ button in the Styles group, point to Style Set, and click Word 2003
  3. Click the ‘Change Styles’ button again, point to Fonts, and choose Office Classic
  4. Click the ‘Change Styles button again, click Change Styles, and then click Set as Default

Now all new Word 2007 documents you create will have the same basic look as Word 2003 documents.