MS Office 2007: Free, 60-Day Home Trial

As of this writing, MS Office 2007 is being installed on all district computers.

However, the district’s licensing agreement with Microsoft no longer permits us to install new versions of Office on our home computers.

If you want to install MS Office 2007 at home, stay tuned for more information about the best price we can find for that.MS Office 2007 logo

In the meantime, you can download and install a free, 60-day trial version of Office 2007 for your home computer here.

(This is for personal, home use only – the district network staff will be installing MS Office 2007 on your school computer.)

If it works as advertised, if and when you purchase your personal license, you will be able to activate your installed trial version.

Again, the MS Office 2007 free, 60-day trial is here. Be prepared to give Microsoft a lot of information, and if you choose the ‘Profressional’ version you will be downloading two extra extra large files (broadband required).