Meet Andrew Sutherland, creator of Quizlet

Andrew SutherlandThis blog is created with WordPress, probably the best blogging application out there.

One of its strengths is that a global community of developers contribute ‘plug-ins’ that make WordPress do amazing things. Because WP is open source, anyone can write add-on applications (plug-ins) that ‘extend’ its use into areas for which it was not originally designed. (I use several great plugins on this blog.)

Anyway, a search for a survey plug-in brought me to a WordPress wizard’s web site. Turns out the wizard is an 18-year-old high school student who, in his spare time, has created a terrific web site for learning vocabulary.

Quizlet LogoI hate this kid. He is debating dropping out of school to become a millionaire, or go to MIT. You can read his story here. Then be sure to click the ‘Home’ link and start using Quizlet. It is great stuff.