Lost Posts

Several recent posts did not survive the move to a new GoDaddy server, so here in short form is a recap:

Genco Olive Oil

Adi Avidor posted news at Google’s search blog that will excite math people everywhere: Google Search now does graphs. So you can now type in a function and the search result will produce an interactive graph.

This NYT essay makes a case for using technology to give every student what, according to Benjamin Bloom, may be the single most effective educational ‘boost’: Tutoring. The Khan Academy is one tool the author cites that may provide the most tutoring bang-for-buck short of paying a teacher to tutor a child.

Finally, that Italian virgin olive oil you buy at the supermarket might not be truly virginal – and it may not even be Italian. This 20-minute Fresh Air interview of New Yorker writer Tom Mueller will change the decision-making process that goes into my next purchase of olive oil.