La Frecciarossa

Say you vacation in Rome and decide to make a day trip to Florence. That can be a long day.

You’ll spend several hours getting there by car, tourist coach, or train. Then several hours again returning to Rome.

Or, you can get there in just 1 ½ hours on a train so fast and sexy and gorgeous you’ll almost wish the trip took longer.

The Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) is Italy’s newest and fastest high-speed train. It pulls away from the platform so smoothly you think the station is moving, not the train. On some stretches it hits 200 mph. When the track runs parallel to the autostrada, it flies past cars that are probably doing 100 mph. (They go fast a lot in Italy.)

We did the Florence day trip on a Sunday.  Bought the tickets online the night before (and paid a super low ‘Mini’ fare). Left our apartment early in the morning, took a taxi to Termini (10 minutes from Trastevere), got on the train, and 90 minutes later stepped off the train in Santa Maria Novella station in the center of Florence.

La Freccia is a smooth thrill ride with a super sleek design (by Pininfarina). And special fares that make it a bargain. And no need for tickets – buy online (where you can pick your seats), and just show up at the station and all aboard.

So day trips from Rome to Naples or Florence are easy, and day trips to Milan or Venice are doable. And getting there is now at least half the fun.