InterWrite: Using the SchoolPad

This post assumes certain InterWrite equipment and software has been installed in your classroom and you are ready to begin using the InterWrite SchoolPad.

1. Turn on your SchoolPad using the small switch located on the back edge of the device. To turn it on, push the switch toward the middle of the SchoolPad. The first two green LEDs will begin to blink and you should hear several audible beeps. When the device has booted up the green LED in the upper-most left position will blink.

2. On your computer, click the WorkSpace Device Manager icon in your system tray (the little bank of icons in the lower right corner of your Windows desktop) and choose ‘Devices…’

3. If the Devices dialog window indicates ‘No Devices Found…’ then click ‘Find Bluetooth Devices…’

4. When the Interwrite Pad is found it will be listed. Click ‘Ok’ and then in the ‘Devices’ window select the device and and click ‘Connect’ and then click ‘Ok’ when the device is connected.

5. You can now control your computer and its display with the SchoolPad.