Interwrite Tip: Pen Connections

A tip that may also apply to the Interwrite Boards:

This morning I was using a borrowed Schoolpad with my office PC. All was well.

I had to reboot the computer at one point, and after rebooting and logging back on I heard the computer establish a connection to the Schoolpad.

Issue: Despite a good connection between Schoolpad and PC, I was unable to control the PC with the pen. I knew the pen was charged, and I verified the connection (by clicking the little Interwrite icon on my system tray and choosing ‘Devices’), but even though the PC had ‘discovered’ the Schoolpad and established the connection, no worky…

Solution: Tap the Schoolpad writing surface with the pen tip. Voila – pen works. So from time to time we may need to sort of ‘refresh’ the pen’s connection to the Schoolpad or Boards with a single tap?