Interwrite: Guide to Resources

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Interwrite has a great library of web-based resources for learning the software and extending its use in your classroom.

The Workspace Software – Workspace is a teaching program for the digital classroom. Used in concert with an Interwrite Board, Pad or response system, Workspace provides you the means to interact with any form of digital content and really connect with your students.

Product Page
Guide and Links to All Tutorials for InterWrite Software
Intro to InterWrite Software
Connecting BlueTooth Devices
Intro To InterWrite Toolbar

Annotation Tools
The InterWrite Pens
Eraser Tool
Stamp Tool
Working with Objects
Highlighter Tool

Editing Tools
Eraser, Clear All, Undo

Presentation Tools
Creating a Blank Page
Create a Grid page
Create an Image or BackGround Page
Using the Image Gallery
Taking a Screen Capture
Reveal, Spotlight & Zoom

File Management
Saving Files
Exiting InterWrite
Customizing the Toolbar

PRS RF – Using their radio-frequency clickers with a 2-line LCD screen, students can answer a wide variety question formats and record their responses with a simple click of a button.

Product Page
Setup and Install
Setting Up a Class
Creating Rosters
Creating Lessons Using PowerPoint
Creating Lessons Using the PRS Software
Starting a Lesson
RF Clicker Setup
Answering Questions
Self-Paced Mode
HomeWork Mode
Using Your Data