InterWrite: Downloading Lessons Correlated to SC Standards

The InterWrite web site has a large and growing bank of free lessons you can easily download for your use. Here’s how:

Strongly Recommended: First, open your network folder, create a folder named ‘InterWrite Lessons’ and save all lessons you download or create there…

1. Browse to the InterWrite Resource Center here and choose ‘South Carolina’ from the drop-down menu. Select other appropriate filter criteria and click ‘Submit’.

2. Scroll through the results (searching just ‘South Carolina’ produces 1001 lessons), click the blue text link for a desired lesson, and click ‘Download’.

3. To open the lesson directly in the InterWrite Workspace on your computer, choose the ‘Open’ option; otherwise, click download and save to the InterWrite lessons folder on your network drive.

4. If you opened the lesson directly from the web site it should be open in the Workspace software. If you saved the download, open the InterWrite software and choose ‘File > Open’ from the Workspace Menu button on the toolbar.