InteGrade Pro: Home Installation

Here is how to get IGPro installed at home (Reminder: This is for home installation – no need to do this at school…)

1. At school, open IGPro and save a ‘traveling copy’ of your existing gradebook to a floppy disk or flash drive by clicking File > Save as… To make life simpler, I recommend using the same filename.

2. Email Tony Thompson for the IGPro authorization key. Please email that request from your school email account (for security reasons).

3. From home, browse to and choose ‘Save’ to download the installation package to your desktop. (The file is ~23 Mb, which is a pretty good sized download.)

4. Double-click the downloaded file icon on your desktop to launch the application installation wizard. When prompted, enter the product information provided in my email from Step #2:

Licensee Name:
Site Number:
Authorization Key:

5. When the installation is complete and you launch IG Pro, choose ‘Open a gradebook on your computer…’ and browse to the floppy or flash drive to which you saved your ‘traveling’ gradebook file from Step #1.

6. When you edit or add grades at home and save them to your ‘traveling’ gradebook file, it becomes your most current copy. So when you return to school you will replace the gradebook file on the school server with your updated traveling copy. Here’s how: Open IGPro, open the ‘traveling’ copy of your gradebook from your flash or floppy, then choose File > Save as… and browse to your gradebook network folder and say ‘Yes’ to overwrite the existing file (assuming you are sure that is what you want to do!)


  • Save a copy of your gradebook to your home PC. That way you will have three backup copies of this precious, precious file: On the school server, on your floppy/flash, and on your home PC.
  • At school, your gradebook file should be located here: G:\NCSAPPS\IGPRO\IGPData\xxx\yyy (xxx=your school code; yyy=your teacher number
  • Step #6 will take some practice, but soon it will become as routine as carrying a green gradebook…
  • At all times you should have three copies of your gradebook, and keep all three as up-to-date as possible. That way if you accidentally overwrite a more recent version of the file with an older one, you will have to re-enter only a few grades at most.

Thanks to Dennis Roberts at SHS for contributing to these directions…