I Have Just Seen the Future of Education (Again): Its Name is Udacity

Know a middle school or high school (or college-age) kid really into computers and technology?

What if that kid could enroll in university-level courses right now that …

  • are absolutely free, no strings attached
  • are taught by world-renowned computer scientists from Stanford, Google, UVA, etc.?
  • will teach the kid how to build a search engine like Google or program a robotic car
  • will connect the kid to a massive community of like-minded students from all over the world
  • can be joined anytime with virtually no time/place limitations
Udacity is all that. At this time Udacity‘s course catalog is 100%¬†computer science (and what a course catalog it is!), but like Coursera,¬†Udacity is an infant, having just gone online in February 2012.