How to Survive a Disaster, or Always Be Prepared for ‘Re-Imaging’

Any district computer could get hit any time by an event that will destroy all data on your hard drive. Here are three of the most likely:

1. A hard drive failure strikes like a bolt out of the blue…

2. Your computer gets a virus that makes it a threat to the entire network….

3. Your computer has to be ‘re-imaged’ for network maintenance purposes. All computers will be re-imaged every summer, and we may begin re-imaging all computers bi-annually as preventive maintenance.

In a large network environment, all of us need to be prepared to have our computer replaced or re-imaged any time, perhaps with little or no warning.

Here’s how to make getting re-imaged less painful for all concerned:

1. Save all ‘perishable’ files (such as Word documents, spreadsheets, MTG class files, etc.) to your network folder (your H: drive).

2. Archive email you need to save permanently to a folder on your H: drive.

3. Keep installation disks and documentation of educational software you have installed on your computer in a readily accessible place.

4. If you use ‘Favorites’ or ‘Bookmarks’ on your web browser, have those backed up.

5. Computers sometimes have to be moved, or access to the inside or the back of the computer is necessary. Please don’t let items accumulate on and around the computer that make access difficult. Keep all computer workstations neat and uncluttered.

Unfortunately, there may be occasions when your computer will have to be removed from the network or re-imaged at a moment’s notice. If and when that happens, a busy technician may not have time or even be able to help you find files that need to be backed up, etc.

Our goal should be to make computer maintenance and re-imaging a routine event like getting your car serviced: There never seems to be a convenient time to take your vehicle in for an oil change, and a breakdown really makes you unhappy, but regular service has to be done, and occasional breakdowns happen.

Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation. Please reply to this thread if you have any questions.