How to Succeed in Teaching Without Really Trying

The Original HTSIBWRT

Today’s schoolteachers have terrific and convenient tools available to them that did not exist just a few years ago.

If I were opening an education shop today, I would use several sub-contractors who do incredible work for free.

Salman Khan would be my first hire. His amazing Academy is an education phenomenon that could provide the best tutorial services money can buy – at no cost.

I’d be sure to use Thinkfinity, an absolute treasure trove of lesson plans and resources of the highest quality that are impeccably and efficiently organized by standard, grade, subject, etc. makes it easy to use YouTube videos to educate, engage and inspire students with playlists of partner videos that align with common core standards.

And where to bring all these resources together with your students? Edmodo is a dead simple and extremely slick solution for course management, communication and collaboration that any teacher (or tutor) can setup and run in minutes.

All the above tools are free. And with little effort, a teacher can put them to good use in the 21st century classroom.