Google Listen

Downloading and listening to podcasts never quite worked for me. Too much futzing around with connecting an iPod to the PC, syncing with that particular PC’s install of iTunes, keeping the podcasts (mostly from NPR & BBC) updated, then synced again, etc.

That may have all changed. Google Listen is a free app that runs on my Android smartphone. The app download and install took about 45 seconds, and once I used the app to search for podcast streams of my favorite shows I just added them to my queue and voilá, every time I pick up my phone I can be listening to any podcast in a few taps.

This Android smartphone (the T-Mobile Galaxy S) is a killer. It has knocked off my Kindle, and now it has whacked my iPod.

Note: Google Listen is a ‘Google Labs’ experiment which means it may or may not become a full-fledged and supported product. I’m hoping it does because it has made podcasts much more accessible and convenient.