Google + = – Facebook

David Pogue’s review in the NYT pretty much nails it: Google + is still under development and far from a finished product, but we like it a lot and it looks like a winner.

Google + is war on Facebook, and I agree with Pogue: It has a chance.

Some excerpts:

[stextbox id=”grey”]At first, Google+ looks like a shameless Facebook duplicate. But there’s one towering, brilliant difference: Circles.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]The most mind-blowing “Facebook can’t do this” feature, though, is Hangouts. Technically, it’s videoconferencing. It lets up to 10 people join a chat simultaneously, using their Web cams or laptop cameras.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]Until now, Facebook and Twitter have been the Dominant Duo of social networking. But Google’s less sprawling, more video-centric, better-controlled new service is already too good to ignore. Now it’s the Dominant Duo …+1.[/stextbox]

Read the entire review here.

If you’d like an invite let me know.