Looking in from South Main

We had our first dinner as husband and wife at Trattoria Giorgio in Greenville, South Carolina.

I’ve got some qualifications to review Italian food: a born-in-Sicily grandmother, a 2-year Air Force tour in Puglia, and lots of travel up and down the peninsula since then.


So some truly great Italian food has disappeared in front of me, and our dinner at Trattoria Giorgio scores high on my sheet.

It’s a nice place on South Main with a certain atmospheric element similar to that establishment in the Bronx where Michael nailed Sollozzo and McCluskey.

Everything we had was a knockout. The bread, the lobster ravioli appetizer, the veal, the flounder, and the cannoli for dessert – all of it out of this world good. If they had put the plates on the floor I would have licked them clean like a dog.

Excellent service by a Yankee waiter (that’s an inside joke).

We spent a small fortune at Trattoria Giorgio, and it was worth every cent.