GDrive Has Arrived!

Sort of…

Google Apps users have been sitting up and begging a long time for a ‘GDrive’ – free, web-based file storage. It seemed to be the only thing missing from an impressive offering of free applications and services that have made Google Apps my office on the internet.

The New Google Docs Upload Feature

So this afternoon I blinked back tears of nerd-joy when I saw a new ‘Upload’ button in Google Docs.  Now you can upload any file in its native format to Google Docs. No need to convert MS Office files to Google Docs. And no exclusions: you can upload graphics, audio, zip files, and even applications (.exe). It’s not called GDrive, but it does just about everything you would ask for in a GDrive…

Total storage space is capped at 10 Gb, and single file upload size is limited to 100 Mb. At that price (free), I’ll take it, and I’ll enjoy the convenience of having 10 Gb worth of essential files available 24/7 from any place I can reach the internet. (You can upgrade to 20 Gb of storage space for $5 per year, or 80 Gb for $20 per year.)

DropBox (see the ‘Related Posts’ link below about that) has been a great (and free) online storage service, and it may be somewhat more convenient, but now there is another free alternative that gives you 5x more storage.

** Cue ‘Ode to Joy’ **