Free and Easy Smartphone Web Tether

I recently got a wicked smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) with unlimited voice, text and web from T-Mobile. ($79.99 per month)

It’s been a life-changer. And a technology replacer (as in, it has replaced my Kindle as the reader of choice, and Vonage as my residential phone service.)

The Galaxy is a terrific tool for mobile browsing, but it seems like T-Mobile did not want me to use it as a modem to connect my laptop to their 4G network unless I bought some more hardware and more plan?

Solution: PDANet. A free download = 4G internet access by connecting my laptop to the Galaxy with a USB cable. In other words, it turns my Galaxy into an air card. And it works great.

So where ever I go with my phone and laptop I can connect to a pretty fast (and free) internet connection. And no hacking on the phone required – I just have to change a simple setting on the Galaxy to enable the tether.

And yes, there is a version for Blackberries and iPhones, too.