File Management: House Train Your Software

We always should save ‘perishable’ files to our network drive (usually the H: drive).

But most software by default wants to save files to a location on your C: drive. Which means everytime you save (or open) a Word document, for example, you have to browse to your H: drive.

Here’s a smart way to eliminate a lot of that tedious, repetitive browsing:

Almost every software application can be trained to look for your H: drive when it is time to save or open a file. We’ll use MS Word for this example.

1. In MS Word, click Tools > Options

2. Click the ‘File Locations’ tab, select ‘Documents’ and click the ‘Modify’ button

3. In the ‘Modify Location’ dialog window, browse to your H: drive until it appears in the ‘Look in:’ field, then click ‘Ok’ and ‘Ok’ again

Done! Now MS Word will automatically go to your H: drive and save you lots of bother everytime you save or open a file.

Almost all applications can be trained in much the same way. Just look for ‘Options’ or ‘Properties’ or ‘Preferences’ under a ‘Tools’ or ‘File’ menu.