Have you ever heard about a sale on something you need that is so good you drop what you’re doing and burn rubber to the store? There’s a web site that nicely collects those kinds of deals on everything from lawnmowers to computers: Fatwallet.com

You can get deals like the day after Thanksgiving. Year-round. Minus the rampaging maniacs.

The next time I need just about anything, this web site will be my first stop. FatWallet is where bargain hunters share hot tips on sales, deals, and coupons. Well-organized and easily searched. It’s like a community of thousands of cheapskates have scoured the stores and scanned the web sites and pored over the Sunday inserts and put all the best deals in one place. Shop by store, by brand, or by category.

Be sure to check the ‘Hot Deals’ section in the Forum – that’s where I found this amazing laptop deal last night: A nicely-equipped HP laptop on sale at Office Depot starting today for $349.99. In stores only. See today’s Sunday paper insert, or go to the store and ask to see the HP G6-1A30us.