Falcon Scanner: Configuring the Device & Fixing Glitches

Here is how to access your Falcon 4220 system settings so that you will be able configure the device and fix some glitches:

First, see if you have access to the Windows Start Menu. The Falcon actually runs a mobile version of Windows (Windows CE). The little Windows ‘flag’ log in the lower left corner of the LCD display is the same as your Windows ‘Start’ button.  Try tapping it with the stylus a few times, but if you get no pop-up menu then do the following to ‘unlock’ that menu:

1. Simultaneously hold the red Fn2 key and the #6 key until a password prompt appears. Use this password : 123

2. In the Falcon Desktop Configuration screen tap the ‘Win’ tab at the top, check all the boxes, then tap ‘Ok’. Close the window to return the Windows desktop, then tap the Windows flag icon to get the Start menu.

Disable the wireless network connection. Assuming you are not connecting to a wireless network, you can make the Falcon scanner stop searching for one and save yourself the step of closing that window everytime you start the scanner. Here’s how:

1. Click Start > Settings > Network and Dialup Connections (Note: This will work only if you have completed the steps above to enable your Windows Start menu.)

2. If you see a network connection icon (mine is labeled WLAGS46B1) tap it once to select it, then tap the ‘Connection’ button at the top and choose ‘Disable’ from the drop-down menu and exit the window.

Enable the Successful Scan Beep: The Falcon I borrowed from Chapman did not beep when you successfully scanned a barcode. Here is how you enable that important audible prompt:

1. Tap Start > Settings > Control Panel and then scroll down and double-tap the ‘Scanner Configure’ icon.

2. Check the ‘Beep’ box under the ‘Basic’ section and then tap ‘Ok’

Calibrate the Falcon: If your stylus taps do not seem accurate or responsive, re-calibrating the device might help. Here is how:

1. Simultaneously hold the red Fn2 key and the reset button on the back of the scanner until you see the device begin a ‘hard’ reboot. Use the stylus to hold down the reset button if necessary.

2. Follow the onscreen prompt to calibrate the scanner.