Doing What Works

‘Doing What Works’ sounds like a sub-title to a Dr. Phil self-help book (because it is).

‘Doing What Works’ (DWW) also is the name of an educational web site that is among the best I’ve ever seen.

Here’s how DWW describes itself: The goal of DWW is to create an online library of resources that may help teachers, schools, districts, states and technical assistance providers implement research-based instructional practice.

That’s modest. DWW is a powerful, smart, high-value and easily-accessible web site – one of the all-time best ever. It is positively packed with best practices by the best schools supported by the best resources provided by the best experts.

Take-away message: Doing What Works scores high on the ‘ooh-aah’ chart. It should be on every educator’s short list of go-to resources.