DISCUS: New Databases and Other News

DISCUS continues to grow and get better! The following update comes from Amy Duernberger, DISCUS Program Director at the South Carolina State Library:

When: The target date is Wednesday, January 23, 2008
What: The following new Gale products are being added to DISCUS:

  • Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
  • Science Resource Center
  • History Resource Center: World
  • LitFinder
  • Educator’s Reference Complete
  • Book Review Index Online Plus
  • Small Business Resource Center
  • Nursing Resource Center

The new Gale databases will be added to the PowerSearch common menu in alphabetical order. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center and Educator’s Reference Complete are cross-searchable with other Gale databases, so will appear on the top section of the menu. The remaining new databases will appear on the white “Additional Products” section of the PowerSearch menu.

Databases will be in alphabetical order on the PowerSearch common menu for all DISCUS institutions. Those public libraries and institutions of higher education that prefer a customized menu may contact Martin Borg at: martin.borg@cengage.com
He will re-order your menu according to your specifications.

New database information and updated brochures/handouts have now been added to the DISCUS Web site under the Toolkit tab. Also, be sure to check out our Training tab to view our spring training schedule. A variety of sessions, both hands-on and online, are being offered to highlight our new products.

Our site: http://scdiscus.org/

In addition, our contract negotiations with Grolier Online resulted in the addition of a product designed specifically for elementary age children. Amazing Animals of the World is an encyclopedia developed for grades 2 and up. This product has already been added to the DISCUS Web site and linking instructions are available under the Toolkit tab.

In closing, the DISCUS program wishes to thank members of the DISCUS Database Assessment Committee and additional volunteers for taking their time to work on the database evaluations – a project that resulted in the provision of this great new content for all South Carolinians!

Amy Duernberger, DISCUS Program Director
South Carolina State Library
New email: aduernberger@statelibrary.sc.gov
Phone: 803-737-7736 Fax: 803-734-4757
DISCUS – South Carolina’s Virtual Library http://www.scdiscus.org

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