Buying MS Office 2007…

District 7 is – for better or worse – upgrading all PCs to MS Office Professional 2007 this year. That does not mean you have to rush out and upgrade your home computers – with minimal effort, you can enjoy almost complete interoperability between Office 2007 at school and previous versions of MS Office (or OpenOffice) you may be using at home.Office Pro 2007

But if you want to take the plunge and buy Office 2007 for your home computer, the best deals I know of at this hour can be had at CDW·G and Software Express.

• Sale Alert • Excuse the marketing rap, but ‘for a limited time and while quantities last’ you can get an extra super price for Office Pro 2007. (The price listed below is 50% off the usual academic price of ~$170.)

• Consumer Alerts • Buy at your own risk. None of the information provided here is warrantied or guaranteed – this is just what I THINK I know at this time! Shop around and do your research and due diligence. The prices provided below are current as of this hour on this day only. This purchase is not associated in any way with District 7, and this post is not an endorsement for MS Office as a product or CDW·G and Software Express as vendors.

To purchase directly from the CDW·G web site:

Click here to buy MS Office Pro 2007 direct from CDW·G for $89.74

Click here to buy MS Office Standard 2007 direct from CDW·G for $126.67

To purchase from a human being at CDW·G: Call Bill Rose at 866.819.6504

To purchase directly from the Software Express web site: Click here.

To purchase from a human being at Software Express: Call John Ryder at 800.527.7638 x231

..::: Notes :::..

  • Buyer beware! None of the information in this post is warrantied for anything!
  • The products above are the full version and include media. (Upgrade versions not available for academic pricing.)
  • There are no less than EIGHT versions of MS Office 2007 – this comprehensive Wikipedia article has a chart about halfway down that nicely compares the components of each edition.
  • Most significant difference between Standard & Pro: Pro includes MS Publisher and MS Access.
  • The current street price for MS Office Pro 2007 = ~$389
  • Office Standard System Requirements | Office Pro System Requirements
  • The prices provided by CDW·G and Software Express are for educators. Microsoft may require proof of employment
  • Check with an expert, but for educators the cost of this software should be deductible from your income tax.